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Monday Morning Head-Start from OMS SafeHarbor [Software Business Links]

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August 31, 2009 at 2:46 am

Monday Morning Head-Start from OMS SafeHarbor [Software Business Links]

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Gaming and Enterprise Software – Linking Scale and Reliability

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OMS SafeHarbor is at GamesCom in Cologne Germany this week.

In January 2009 we announced a solution to address the distribution and entitlement management needs of the online gaming community. A couple of our enterprise customers have asked us to explain any benefits they will see as OMS services gaming customers.


The gaming community has a scale that dwarfs (enterprise or b2b) most enterprise software distribution. Just a couple of weeks ago I was in a discussion talking about 2.0 petabytes of bandwidth throughput in terms of hours, vs. weeks or months. The tools and techniques used to manage this scale of activity are specialized and hard to come by. They also work to everyones advantage at OMS – If our core systems are used to entitle and distribute patches to 500,000 end users in 2 days, our enterprise customers have some indication of reliability and performance at their scale.


Users of b2b, or enterprise software would rarely describe their attachment to any particular software tool as emotional. Gaming software is specifically designed to engage you at an emotional level. In a business environment emotional discourse is frowned upon, especially when dealing with a problem. In the gaming space, if you make someone wait 15 hours to download software, then they can’t install it because they are out of drive space, you may find angry vitriol on every popular game forum overnight, and a potential customer abandoning your brand.

Our direct b2c contact with the demanding, emotive, and fickle gaming customer translates into less exceptions and more certainty in the b2b experience (a typically more forgiving interaction due to the larger revenue and value at stake).

Scale and Reliability are the crossover benefits that the gaming market brings to the enterprise software marketplace when talking about software and license distribution.

Monday Morning Head-Start from OMS SafeHarbor [Software Business Links]

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August 17, 2009 at 12:12 pm

OMS SafeHarbor Wins Software and License Delivery Supplier Award

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The month of July was good to OMS SafeHarbor.

I am pleased to report that we have received a supplier award from a customers for excellence in electronic fulfillment operations.
This award is a testament to old-fashioned hard work by engineering and operations professionals at both organizations.
The thing we are most proud of is not simply that our software and services have been recognized by a customer to be measurably valuable (though that is nice), but this award was presented to OMS based upon measured achievement of business goals established by marketing, engineering, operations, and finance, more than a year ago.

A formal scorecard was used to evaluate objective achievement of goals in the following areas;


Our software and services (any CRM, ERP, or software license management tools that you use for that matter) are a means to an end, and not an end in themselves. Too often we get caught up in the latest technology, or gadget features. Its our job as tool providers to make sure we are focused on the goals of the business that those tools support.

If you have questions about the scorecard, or the scorecard process for managing business objectives in software and license management, just drop us a line.

Find out more about software distribution, CRM, licensing and entitlement management by visiting OMS SafeHarbor.

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August 5, 2009 at 16:24 pm


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