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Electronic Software Delivery – Best Practices Part 2 – Stakeholders

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Last week we identified setting success metrics, up-front, as the single most important practice in any ESD program. Identifying the stakeholders who will affect or consume those metrics is the second step to ensuring ESD success.

Depending upon the size of your company, this may involve anywhere from three to thirty (yes thirty) or more people.

More often than not the first-pass at list of ESD stakeholders is limited to “Marketing” groups, or more specifically, those folks who “run the website”. Effective ESD programs include representatives from the internal organizations that create and produce the digital assets that you will be delivering.


Your ESD program and will be affected by when and how the asset is determined to be fit for distribution, or DONE. Once the asset is declared complete (functionally), the process of packaging, bundling, or turning that single asset into a salable and DELIVERABLE product begins. Only after this point do the presentation and DELIVERY functions come to the fore. Therefore you must include people from each of these domains in your ESD program.

Here are some titles ESD stakeholders we interact with

VP, Marketing
VP, Operations
VP, Customer Service
VP, Engineering
Director, Configuration Management
Director, Marketing IT
Director, Logistics
Director, Tech Support
Director, Licensing
VP, General Counsel
Export Compliance Manager
Director, Product Management

At OMS SafeHarbor we consider the stakeholder process so important, that when we engage a customer we specify by name, in the contract documents individuals from IT, Operations, Marketing, Customer Service and Engineering that have agreed to support the project and be accessible to the project/program team.

To build a successful ESD program you need to have your goals firmly understood, and your stakeholders clearly identified. Knowing what you are going to do, and who is going to help you is your down payment on ESD success.

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April 7, 2010 at 11:43 am

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