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Why Downloads Fail – Part 1

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Downloads fail.
(repeat for emphasis)
Downloads fail.

In recent weeks we’ve had an number of conversations around this this topic with customers, partners, technology suppliers and interested individuals. As software distributors begin to move completely away from physical distribution, there is increased interest in the reliability of the internet as a distribution medium.

Over the next few weeks we will try and document the many different reasons for why downloads fail, and what if anything, can be done to help mitigate the risks of an interrupted download. Hopefully we’ll be able to compile a useful that you can use as you address the challenge of improving download completion rates, or need to explain the situation to others in your business. There will be no particular order or rank to this list for now. When we complete the list we’ll look through the available data and try rank them based on rates of occurrence.

Why Downloads Fail #1 – Users Stop the Downloadcancelall.png

Yes, Its true. Users will sometimes stop a download before it completes.

Sometimes the download takes too long and we stop. Other times we may be in a hurry, and close the laptop and leave the office. We’ve all done it at one time ore another.

The problem for service providers, including OMS SafeHarbor, is that these incomplete downloads are largely indistinguishable from other ways downloads fail. If the user closes their laptop and kills the network connection, on-purpose, we just see the disconnect. We don’t get a signal that says the user intended to disconnect.

Isolating user-behavior from legitimate errors is time-consuming, costly, and imperfect process that we go through to maintain our quality-of-service advantages and reporting relevance.

Sometimes the user decides they want to stop the download of the software update, or new release, for reasons we can only guess. We need to make sure to include this end-user behavior in all the discussions of why downloads fail.

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October 21, 2008 at 3:09 am


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