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Trust, Ideas, Taxes, and Software

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Here is a very relevant excerpt from an interview with Mats Lederhausen (formerly of McDonald’s…yes the burger joint) conducted by Anthony Tjan from Harvard Business Publishing.

What is your philosophy of “purpose bigger than product” all about?

At its core, it is about being real and idea-driven. Trust is perhaps the most important currency in business, and big ideas may be the only true source of competitive advantage. Lack of trust is a form of tax. And that tax rate has increased in the past number of years. Customers simply don’t trust institutions as much today. Particularly large businesses. The main reason is that we now live in an “information everywhere” and more transparent world. Every customer has a camera in their cell phone, a Facebook in their pocket and Twitter at their fingertips. This means we hear and see evidence of businesses not walking their talk. Their products don’t match their promise. In order to regain this trust you must simply make sure that all your products, your merchandising, your advertising, your people and the totality of your touch points with consumers sing from the same hymn. And that hymn is what I call purpose. Some people call it vision. Others call it focus. It is the same thing. It is source of your promise. It answers the question: Why are you here?

Amen to that!

A link to the full interview is here. Definitely worth a read.

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September 1, 2009 at 17:12 pm


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